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What is love?

What makes that connection to a significant other? Is it love at first sight? Physical attraction? A similar way of thinking?

Some couples spend time together holding hands, and laughing at shared jokes. Others can sit in silence with each other reading books, or searching their social media accounts on separate smartphones without feeling rude or neglecting the other person in the room.

I people watch and make observations. That girl at a cafe reading a book in the corner sipping her coffee is lonely because the book jacket is upside down and her eyes stray and give her away. A couple in a restaurant talking and enjoying each other's company are usually dating. The table where the man and woman have stony expressions on their faces and words are sparse signals me that they are married. Now I know these are stereotypical estimations on my part which leads me to this question again.

What is love? Is is quiet and still, unassuming and protective. Or must it be a noisy journey with emotion 24/7. Is love a feeling? Would you classify love as an understanding, or maybe a little of both?

Comment, share and let me know what you think.


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