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Twelve years ago on prom night under the light of a full moon, Hope Sherwood fled from her hometown, Horse Cave, Kentucky, and swore she'd never return. At the insistence of an estate attorney, she breaks that promise and journeys home for the reading of her father's will.


Hope's high school sweetheart, Skye Carson, newly back in town, has been renting the caretaker's cabin on the property her daughter just inherited. Skye's hell-bent on reuniting with Hope before she returns to Chicago. Maybe she'll answer his questions why she left town so abruptly, and whether he was the cause.

A change in plans keeps Hope in Kentucky renovating her family's farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. When two men claim to have fathered her daughter, Hope just wants to crawl in a hole. A famous country superstar visits the Inn and pens love ballads especially for her, his BLUEGRASS BABY, placing Hope in the spotlight yet again when all she wants to do is disappear.

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