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Suzanne Hill’s marriage goes belly up when she discovers her husband’s hot new fling in her bed. After throwing his clothes out the nearest window and lighting them on fire, she stuffs herself with ice cream and sleeps to forget how her life imploded right before her eyes.

Her older sister encourages her to head to a vineyard in Napa for a fresh start, but her teenage son fights her at every turn. Packing her life and stubborn son into the car, she heads to the West Coast determined to leave her old life behind.


What she didn’t expect was falling in love with her new job, the cozy vineyard cottage and her handsome boss, Shane Anderson.

After being jilted at the altar sixteen years ago, Shane isn’t keen on getting into a committed relationship but Suzanne’s beguiling green eyes and outgoing personality make it hard to resist.

Will Suzanne and Shane find their happily ever after or will they let their pasts dictate their futures?



                  E-book available

                  February 2024

The Vineyard Cottage 

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