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Every girl deserves A Dog & A Diamond and a free e-book!

I truly believe that every girl deserves a dog and a diamond, or in my case, a dachshund named Dixie. She brings a huge smile to my face just thinking about her. She's a senior dog now but she will forever remain a puppy in my heart and mind (you can visit her Facebook page--Dixie the Dachshund) My new book series is aptly named A DOG & A DIAMOND. The first e-book in the series, SILVER LININGS is free on Amazon today, 6/26. The first book features a search and rescue dog (German Shepard) named Shadow. Search and rescue dogs are sometimes called air scent dogs as they are highly trained in detecting scents. Shadow assists his owner Jack Diamond in locating missing people in the wilderness or rough terrain. If you like romance and consider yourself a dog aficionado, snag your FREE COPY OF SILVER LININGS today here at this link

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