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As an author, I struggle sometimes with doubt. Is my story entertaining enough? Will my readers like it? Will I even find readers? Am I just spinning my wheels here? (cliche, I know, and my critique group would cross out the superfluous word "sometimes" I used above. And I could have used a simpler word than superfluous, like unnecessary. And sentences don't begin with and, do they?) Can you feel my paranoia, folks?

This weekend, after much pondering, the repetitive thought consensus in my hyperactive brain was that "I want to weave stories that remain with readers long after they finish my book". So it's not only about reviews or marketing, or how much money my books could earn. It doesn't matter if my circle of peers dislike the romance genre I favorite, or hate my book jacket copy. It's a matter of opinion and plain toxic to my muse if I lend it any credence. For these particular pseudo-intellectuals, indie publishing is often stereotyped as shitty writing that couldn't get a traditional publisher interested. Guess what? There are poorly written books stacked on bookstore bookshelves with short print runs headed for the clearance bin and authors I've never heard of. Narrow-minded is the thought that one mode of publishing is superior over the other. An author's responsibility is to produce the very best story he/she can. The choice of how they publish is theirs. One size does not fit all.

What are my personal publishing/writing goals? I want complete control of my book from the cover to the content. I refuse to give away the rights to my work. My plots may not follow current trends. I'll decide how fast I want to write and in what genre. No deadlines and no limits. That's just me and my OCD preferences, and it won't work for everyone.

It's always helpful to define why we choose to bare our souls on paper, or e-readers.

I love creating characters and worlds that were once imaginary ideas.

I write for the experience, the journey.

What drives your writing?

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