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Don't forget dog moms on Mother's Day!

On this Mother's Day, let's not forget our precious furbabies!

My dachshund, Dixie, likes to remind me that she's the boss most days whether it involves filling her food dish, petting and cuddling together, or barking her head off at the neighbor's cat.

Dog Mom's are special because they didn't give birth to these animals but there still is a strong bond similar to what a parent feels. While my children are delightful, they can tire of me quickly. To my millenial offspring, middle aged women are uncool and needy. They don't want to hear about my doctor visit or how my back aches, but furbabies give that unconditional love with a sloppy dog kiss and wanting to sit in our laps.

In my novel, Silver Linings, Shadow, the German Shepard, has a job rescuing lost people. She becomes an integral part of the Diamond family.

So its fine to celebrate with our children tomorrow but don't forget to include the furbabies too!

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