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Author Accountability Partners

Pictured above on the right is Tessa Sullivan and (L) Nina Lekka at a past writer's conference.


Every writer needs an accountability partner. I am so grateful to Nina Lekka for our years of friendship and mentoring each other through our writing and publishing journeys. When either one of us is in a writing slump, the other partner motivates us to put words down on the paper and believe in ourselves, and the task at hand. Writing can stall when life gets us down or a pandemic shakes us at our very core. Some of the things we participated in before the world shutdown was conferences, weekly writer's groups for critiques and plotting our career goals separately and together. Now, we still indulge in calling to check in and see how our books are shaping up but the virus kicked our writing mojo to the curb. Our minds were focused on survival, local health news, getting groceries, zoom meetings and caring for our families while stuck in isolation. Most writers need feedback and without that writing was pushed to the back burner. As restrictions relax, our "new normal" is getting together in person outdoors (socially distanced) to discuss our writing and share a few much needed laughs.

Share your comments on writing through the pandemic, or post a photo with your author accountability partner. Never forget that as authors, we are all writer warriors!

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