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Beauty inspires hope!

Since the pandemic and 2020, most of us have sheltered in place. Large gatherings or group meetings were cancelled unless you count Zoom. Schools went virtual, and our homes became a solitary refuge. 365 days and millions of people were left starved for that personal connection to the point of depression. If you remained healthy and are reading this, you can relate. In desperate times, it becomes even more important that you appreciate life, even one with vast limitations. Consider the beauty of walking the dog, taking a stroll outdoors, gathering wildflowers, hearing birdsong when you don't want to get out of bed because it seems pointless.

Love is like that too.

In the past, you may have been deeply hurt by someone you once loved, or several somebodies, but there's always a reason to believe in second chances. Now, I'm not suggesting that you should go reconcile with a partner that abused you, or dumped you in the worst way. What I meant is that a fresh new year starts like a clean slate. You may meet a new love, or connect with your high school sweetheart on social media, the one you lost touch with when you left for a distant college and your career. Either way, there's beauty in second chances. They motivate us to believe, and have faith and hope that we get it right this time, maybe even better.

In my upcoming February release, BLUEGRASS BABY, Hope and Skye reconnect after twelve years and learn the secrets that kept them apart. Second chances turn out to be sweeter than either one of them imagined.

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